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Paperless and proofless

All of these companies, from my cable provider to my credit card company, from utility services to even my apartment complex. are all bugging people to "go green!" and "go paperless!" but it's all a crock. They are doing it to save themselves money on printing and postage, and also to get tax credits, but you and me are not saving a penny on it. WE go green at completely our own cost and hassle.

It is a hassle to have everything electronic. Sure, on some things you can import and export for Quicken or whatever, but for most things, not. You also don't have paper proof for court or for reference later unless you've printed them out (which defeats the going green thing). I've noticed more and more there is less available retention of data by the these companies, at least what YOU can see and access from your account. If you want something that's not in the "last 90 days" or whenever of past payment/history, they will provide it for you, sure, but only for a price.

Not that paper billing is perfect. I've noticed in the last 10-15 years that more and more letters arrive without postage/date marks on them. The letter inside might say that it was written on January 1st, 2017 but it was not posted/delivered until the 22nd of that month. Without a postage mark you can't prove that you got notice after the "pay by" or "do this by this date".

Little things like that, small things, little erosions, things that we don't see and don't notice, that benefit big companies and the government (I notice a lot of mail from government agencies that has no postage mark) and put us, when we need it, at higher expense and time when it comes to documentation - I see things like that mounting little by little on a daily basis.

We are sheep and the shepherd, well, he's standing behind us with his pants down.