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Don't let Trump scare you towards Hillary

Please don't let the Donald Trump caucus wins scare you into voting for Hillary Clinton to stop his crazy train from making it all the way to the white house. Vote for Bernie Sanders. Hillary is as bad as Trump is, but keeps it to herself. Don't forget that it was Bill Clinton who advised Donald Trump to run for President. I am sure Bill didn't know Trump would get this far but both Clinton's figured that any disruption in the GOP would benefit Hillary's campaign.

I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. Never. I will write-in Bernie Sanders if he doesn't get the nomination. I do not trust the DNC anymore to make sure the person we want is nominated. I will not be forced into voting for Hillary just to make sure Trump doesn't get into office.

If Trump does somehow win, shame on America. I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. I will not choose between two evils. I will always vote for who I believe is needed for the country. I will not be blackmailed by fear and loathing.

I will not.